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PlayStation Systems

Availability is limited - In Stock,  All orders placed Now will be shipped on 12/04/2013
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The Playstation 4 includes the following:
• PlayStation 4 Console
• 1 PlayStation 4 Controller
• Built in 500GB Hard Drive
• AC Adapters
• HDMI Cable

The release of the PlayStation has marked a new era in gaming. With the PS4 bundle, Sony has upped the stakes of console gaming and introduced some true innovations in processing, online multiplayer capability, social media connectivity, and much more. Whether you're looking for the latest and greatest sports games this season, or you want to connect with all of your friends and take on the Hellghast as a team, the PS4's got everything that you've been waiting for, and then some.


With a promising starting line of titles released alongside the Playstation 4 Bundle, and more games scheduled to go on sale before the year has ended, Sony continues its long standing tradition of console gaming that shakes the industry and gives consumers exactly what they want. Included with the Playstation 4 Bundle is the brand new Dual Analog controller, which has been customized and upgraded to provide gamers with previously unheard of levels of accuracy and response when they need it most.

A Step Above the Rest

It's no secret that there's competition out there between different video game console companies, but few have had as strong of a track record as Sony. With the release of the PS1, the company proved that it could hold its own on the hardware market, and even produced strong first party games, peripherals, and more. The original PlayStation made big waves in consumer markets when it was available for sale, thanks to its powerful architecture, its steady release of high quality games normally not seen outside of Japan, and its commitment to providing gamers who buy their console with the absolute best in gaming.

The PlayStation 2, and its successor the PlayStation 3, continued to provide gamers with new, exciting titles that set the industry abuzz with their innovation, graphical quality, and full use of Sony's optimized hardware architecture. Fast forward to now, with the release of the PlayStation 4 and the dawn of a brand new age of gaming.

The PlayStation 4 is more than just media hype.

In the world of console development, you can't afford to stand still. Sony has not only taken that message to heart, but gone above and beyond the expectations of what many speculated the system could achieve. Although the system has only recently gone up for sale online, consumers are expected to buy it well through the holiday seasons, breaking all previous records for console sales for Sony in the past, and setting the standard for what we should expect from the company in the future.

The Sony PlayStation 4 isn't just for games, either; with its easy to use interface and multimedia capabilities, it makes the perfect compliment to your home entertainment system. Watch movies and shows through built-in apps, chat through social media online with friends while you play, or just sit back and listen to the superior sound quality that the PlayStation 4 provides through its audio system. If you've been looking for the victor of this generation, then search no further; the fourth PlayStation is already proving to be the king of gaming.