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Founded in 2001, HamGo is located at the epicenter of the entertainment consumer-ship, Southern California.

In this ever-growing “e-commerce” industry where tired ad campaigns and coercive, backhanded sales techniques continue to lure buyers into premature and impulsive decisions, we have and always will remain vigilant to our 3-fold mission statement for achieving a successful e-commerce business:

1)     Offer reasonable prices on every product.

2)     Maintain high sales via customer support and service through years of technical excellence and “know how”.

3)     Maintain an intimate and active level of awareness regarding customer concerns and trials through a system of online review. Leave a sentence or two telling us about your experience… It will let others make more informed decisions, and let us know about which products to sell—here we believe in customer service.


Our marketing strategy is our customer service strategy.


Our sales numbers are as important to us as our number of satisfied customers.


Our goal is a simple and diligent commitment to excellence.


Maybe that’s why over 80% of our customers say they’d recommend us with confidence.


MeWe World, Inc


7611 Slater Ave. UNIT H

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

1-714-841-8282 direct

1-714-388-3959 fax



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